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When choosing Unipak you are getting a leader in the packaging industry. We have a diverse customer base and the flexibility to respond quickly and efficiently to our customers’ requests. Unipak truly is a one-stop-shop, for all of your packaging needs.


Unipak offers blending as a service to its customers. We are able to blend directly in our warehouse at precise measurements for powder and liquid materials.


Fabric Care

Unipak has the capabilities to handle the large range of laundry care products on the market. This includes powder & liquid laundry detergents, scent boosters, stain removers, dryer sheets and appliance cleaner.

-Scent Boosters
-Dryer Sheets
-Appliance Cleaners
-And More...

Household Products

Unipak packages a wide variety of products for the household cleaning market. This can include glass and hard surface cleaners, rinse aids, drain cleaners and other appliance cleaners. Products can be done in powder or liquid.

-Glass Cleaners
-Rinse Aids
-Drain Cleaners
-And More...

Industrial Products

Industrial products include sanitizers, solvents, disinfectants, and industrial cleaners. We can also produce single use packaging.

-And More...

Water Soluble

Give your products an advantage with water soluble packaging. Unipak is proud to be one of a few companies to offer this service to its customers.

Custom Orders

Do you have a project needing a specific and unique packaging solution? We can work with you to create packaging customized to your product's needs.

Water Soluble Film

PVA is a leading option to suit needs in various markets due to its versatility and range of applications. Unipak is pleased to offer a variety of water soluble film.

PVA is a thin film used to form water soluble pouches that dissolve when immersed in water.

Application Benefits Include

Accurate Pre-Measured Unit Doses

Convenient and easy to use

Safe Handling

Competitive Advantage

No direct contact with chemicals

Prevents exposure to hazardous materials

Safety and economic concern is reduced

Eliminates Product Loss From Spills

Give your product a marketing edge with water soluble film.

Avoid Dust Inhalation

Products Packaged

Auto Dish Pouches


Toilet Disinfectants

Industrial Disinfectants




Pet odor cleansers

Super Absorbents

Water Treatment Chemicals

General purpose cleaners