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Setting the Packaging Standard Since 1962

We are proud to provide reliable, high quality services, at competitive prices. 

Inside of our 110,000 square foot facility, we use state of the art equipment to meet all of your packaging needs. We have over 60 years of experience working with a wide variety of manufacturers, suppliers and shipping providers. Our diverse clientele includes both Fortune 500 companies and private labels. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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Over 60 Years and Counting…

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Unipak acts as an extension of your own company.

Unipak’s Customer Journey

Your one-source provider of contract packaging solutions

Step 1

Assessment & Solution Design
-Determine customer needs
-Discuss capabilities
-Design packaging solution
-Create specifications

Step 2

Solution Validation & Purchase Order Acceptance
-Purchase order placed and accepted
-Bill of materials received

Step 3

Obtain Raw Materials & Produce Product
-Order raw materials based on ROMs
-Verify receipt of goods
-Equipment set up
-Begin producing product

Step 4

Perform Quality Assurance & Ship Finished Product
-Ensure product meets or exceeds specifications
-Perform lab services as required
-Perform shipment documentation
-Ship finished products

Step 5

Ensure Customer Satisfaction & Relationship Advocacy
-Follow up to ensure satisfaction
-Discuss future shipments
-Determine if we can assist with others needs
-Maintain communication

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